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Terms and conditions of use
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The information contained in the A-27 S.p.A. a Socio Unico website is accurate and updated periodically, A-27 S.p.A. a Socio Unico nevertheless declines any responsibility in the case of information being unclear or incomplete or that contains errors of any kind.
In addition, A-27 S.p.A. a Socio Unico declines all responsibility for eventual damage that can be brought upon the user through use of the website and all responsibility falls on the user, including damage to IT apparatus belonging to the user that derives from viruses. 

A-27 S.p.A. a Socio Unico reserves the right to modify, complete or eliminate parts of the website pages or to eliminate information without prior notice, as well as regarding the temporary or permanent suspension of publication.

This website and the other websites linked to it have been checked out by A-27 S.p.A. a Socio Unico and do not contain any kind of content that is offensive or disagreeable for children. Nevertheless, A-27 S.p.A. a Socio Unico takes responsibility only for content of their own website and cannot respond to content of any third party websites for which there may be an available, authorised link and have no control over the content.

A-27 S.p.A. a Socio Unico aims to protect the privacy of all visitors to their website who leave their personal details and guarantees that any processing of eventual data left by the user will be carried out in total respect of the users rights and will place particular attention on the protection of personal identity.
On the other hand, communications and information such as observations, ideas, recipes etc. that the user sends us by email are not treated in a confidential nature or as property of the user and can be freely utilized by A-27 S.p.A. a Socio Unico 

We inform all those who choose to send personal details have the right to exercise the rights as stipulated in Art. 7 of D.Lgs. 196/2003 “Declaration of Personal Information”.

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The interpretation and execution of these conditions are governed by Italian law. The Foro di Varese (the Lawyers Counsel of Varese, Italy) will be the only party responsible to handle any controversy related to these conditions. A-27 S.p.A. a Socio Unico will take it upon themselves to swiftly resolve any form of controversy regarding the conditions, to protect their own interests and to command respect of their rights.